Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wedding Wednesday- Save the Date Ideas

After looking a lot online and trying to figure out what hubby and I like the most. We decided we want to make our own save the dates. Luckily I have an awesome cousin who is fantastic at crafts. She helped me figure out what I needed to make the save the dates and how to make them. She also help me figure out how I want to make my invitations!

Idea 1 for the Save the Date, I love this!
We went to Michael's and bought everything I need for my save the dates and my invitations. You want to guess the final cost? $30!! Yes that's right $30 for 50+ save the dates and invitations.
Hubby and I have decided to break down the invitations and save the dates in half. We have 10 months to make all the invitations. We also have five months to make the save the dates. We are hoping to have the save the dates done by April. After they are finished then I worry about the invitations. 

Idea 2 for Save the Dates
 We are combining the two ideas into our own idea for our Save the Dates. Just wait until you see our design!! 

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