Thursday, November 6, 2014

Couponing - Giant Deals for week of 11/8

Here is what it look when I plan for a couponing trip 

I'm finally getting my mojo back into couponing. I stopped a while because I was working on the THM lifestyle and i'm still going diet for the most part but my family who just need to lose weight would like something that they are used to.  
So I promised my husband I would build back up our stockpile because it's dwindling. He likes to have it for emergencies and I like to have it because of my faith in their beliefs on having a stockpile. 
This weeks giants deals are Great! In italics will be the THM's food. The rest of the food that my family eats like regular cereal and stuff like that. 

Here is what I'm buying this week for my stockpile 

24 cans of Del Monte Veggies $12
16 cans of Dole Fruit 19.04 
     I'm going to do 16 different transactions. 
           16 coupons (.40)2 = 12.08
               Total after transactions and coupons ~ $6.24

16 bags of Malt - O - Meal Cereal $16
     I'm going to be doing 16 transactions. 
          16 coupons (.75)2 = $24
                 Total after coupons and transactions ~ Free (Giant won't give money back so it'll just be free)

1 Ocean Spray cranberry sauce 1.70
     In-store coupon- free Giant cranberry sauce 
               Total after coupon 1.70

8 boxes of Pillsberry's brownies $10
           6 coupons (.35) only one will double = $2.45
          1 coupon ($1/2) = $1
          In-store coupon - $.30 off gas after you by 8 items = $7.50 
               Total after coupons and gas points -.95 (I will make $.65) 

Total money spent out of my pocket is $27.20

Total money spent air to gas points is $19.80 for 66 items. 
     Average cost per item ~ $.30
(These are items that I know my family will eat before they expire and will be a huge help my stockpile)

Hopefully this will help both the THM dieters to find cheaper food and other people who aren't on the head and help them find cheaper. Thank you For The Mamas for your Facebook page helping me put together my stockpile buy! 

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