Friday, November 28, 2014

Gardening - 27 Weeks After Average Date of Last Frost - Weekly Goals

      Can back on this Gardening year, I do not believe that it is good as I could have. I don't know if I overwhelm myself or just let stress get to me but I wasn't in the garden. They best thing about gardening is there is always next year. Spring always brings a renewal to the land.

Weekly Gardenign Goals
  1. Inside plants - Work on organizing the plant that are in the basement
  2. Re-potting - I need to repot my fig trees. 
  3. Gardening 2015 - Start to plan out next years garden. I want to learn about using a teepee for my cucumbers and luffa plants next year. 
  4. Planting Seeds - I want to plant my basil seeds. 
  5. Research - I would like to research more on stevia and how to plant them. The cutting I made didn't work. 

What are you doing in your garden? Are you still harvesting out of your garden? 

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