Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Gardening - Growing mint indoors

     What do you do with your pots of mint at the end of the summer? I bring mine inside. I do this for three reasons.
     The first is ever year my mint dies if it left in the pot outside. I don't quite understand why that happens but the last two years I had to replace my mint plants. 

I knew the leave would brown because I bought them in.

     The second reason is I like the smell of mint and it add it to the room. The mint smell wakes up. It also help keeps mice away. (Which is needed were we live because they are all around the woods.) I put two plants in my little ones room. She said when she got home from her dads my room smells good. Then later realized, I put the plants in her room.
     The third reason is because I like to have fresh tea in the winter. By bring the plant inside I will have fresh organic mint tea whenever I need it. This is very helpful for the winter colds!  

I love mint!!
     Now I being them in and put them by the windows. The seem to be doing well with the watering weekly and using the water bulb. 
     What plants do you try to save year from year? Do you bring them inside. 

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