Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wedding Wednesday- Picking Out Bridesmaid Dresses

Isn't the color perfect???

     Last weekend I went bridesmaid shopping with my daughter, mom, and one of my bridesmaids. I'm still not sure if one bridesmaids in it and the other one lives far away, so she will buy her on her own. 
     When we got there, I thought I was going to use David's bridal's make mint green. I thought the color was perfect. But once I got there and have the girls try it on I thought like it look more blue than green. Then my little one tried on different a dress in the Clover green.  I looked at my mom and said "I'm changing the color to this color." My mom agreed that the darker green look better on the girls and would work better for a March wedding.
     I had a lot of fun trying on the dresses with the girls. They tried on about four dresses until they tried on the dress. As soon as I saw this dress on my daughter, I knew it was the one. The girls loved it to. It fit them nicely!!

It's perfect!! You can see her cowboy boots!! 

    The F15608 CLOVER style dress was prefect for the wedding!! It was long so we keep them warm during the cold March, but it was short enough to show off their cowboy boots!! It looked great on both of the girls. I'm so excited I can't wait to see the dress walking down the isle!!! 
    How did you pick out your bridesmaids dress? Did your girls help you or did you pick it out? 

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