Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Daily Goals - Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

It be sooo busy! Here on my little homestead. Every free moment I have, I'm cleaning up hutches or coops. Then in the garden. I'm so behind and lost my tomatoes. This weekend, I'm heading to the nursery to get more tomatoes!

My Mulberries trees!
Today's goals

  • Work- I work from 8am-9pm. It going to be a long day. I will get some one on one time with little man. 
  • Errands- I need to stop at gaint and habit fright for hubby's father day gift. 
  • Coupons- cut organize them. I'm so close to having them done. 
  • Father's Day- have the kids color the gifts. 
  • Cleaning - clean the 2 rabbit hutches and the chicks cage. 

What are you doing today? 

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