Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Gardening - 6 Weeks After My Last Frost 2014 - Weekly Gardening Goals

     I can't believe we are already one week 6! This spring is flying by. I'm using last year as a help to were I should be this year. I have many transplants to get planted this week. 

My Garden with the pool up 

Weekly Gardening Goals
  1. Cucumbers - I need to train my cucumber to grow up the lattice. 
  2. Tomatoes - plant the rest of my roman, plant my beef tomatoes in garden bed on and plant my cherry tomato in pots. 
  3. Harvest - this week I'm harvesting peas, radish, lettuce, and mulberries 
  4. Garden Pots- I'm need to repot fig trees, cheese tomatoes, mini bell peppers, lemon tree, and a mosquito plant cutting.
  5. Plant - Plant 3 Sister Garden, I'm transplanting my corn and pumpkin and black beans. 

             What are you doing in the garden this week?  

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