Monday, June 30, 2014

Daily Goals - Monday, June 30th, 2013

     Another night with almost no sleep. Ugh! Around 2am hubby woke me up to help him get the Raccon! Yes we have a sneaky raccon trying to eat my chickens. He got into the coop last night, luckly we scared him away before he could hurt anyone.

Morning walks are so peaceful

Today's Goals
  1. Work - I work from 8am-6pm today. I have my little one with me so it will be a fun day! 
  2. Gardening - I want to mulch the squash. I have to also want to replant some of my zinnias. 
  3. Exercise- I want to take 2 mile walk today. I also would like to do my little ones cheerleading workout with her. 
  4. Cooking- plan this weeks menu. Your going to see a lot of THM meals. 

What are you doing today? Are you getting in the garden? 

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