Thursday, June 19, 2014

Work it off Thursday - I Lost an Inch

     I have been trying so hard to stick to my morning routine. God has been helping by making the morning cool and not rainy. 

     I have been sticking to 3-4 walks a day, my 2 workout challenge (I'm a week behind), watching what I eat, and garden a little a day. Each one of this things should give me a great workout and help me lose the weight. 
     I was shock and disappointed when I got on the scale on Wednesday and gain weight. It was only .2lbs but still it is something and I don't like it. 
     Do I stop and give up? Nope because I have exciting news. I had hubby measure me and I lost a inch! Im so excited. Plus I can walk father with the dog. Therefore I know it's working. 

Wednesday - June 19th, 2014
                         ~ 38inches 

I'm getting there slowly but surely! Little but at a time! How are you doing on your weight lost journey? 

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