Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Daily Goals - Wednesday, June 25, 2014

     Good morning! Busy morning here, learning to myself a little more time to make breakfast in the morning. Plus feed everybody,take the dog for a walk,do the dishes, start the wash, and spent a half hour in the garden, some days I have no idea how to get everything done.
      It was nice this morning then I'm to be up early enough to be able to enjoy breakfast on the deck and look into the garden. Everything is turning yellow so excited!! That means my cucumbers and squash is it going to be here soon Yum. 

I love seeing the yellow!!

Today's goals
  1. Work- I work from 8:15am until 6:15pm today. 
  2. Garden- Today I want to plan my four rosebushes. Also mulch around them! 
  3. Reading- I would like to miss two more chapters in my Trim and Healthy Mama book. 
  4. Family- This week I am helping my mom out by taking care of her bird. Off to her house tonight. 

     I don't have many goals today because it's already been such a busy morning. After getting home feeding my pets going to my parents feeding her pets and then coming home working in the garden I'm not have the energy to do anything else. What are your plans for today? 

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