Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Daily goals-Or Wednesday, April 23, 2013

Yesterday was a busy night, I didn't end up getting home intoeing 930pm! Not a big fan of dance at 8 o'clock at night.
Today's goals
1. Work from 745 until 615
2. Make dinner-steak with noodles and peas
3. Finish organizing seeds on where I want them-Yesterday I pulled out on my seeds and plant how many plants I want and where I'm planning on planting them I still have a few more seeds to go.
4. Get Cass prepared for take child to work day- She's going to work with my hubby!
5. Go to bed by 1030-I have been staying up way too late lately and trying to get up to early. I know I can only do one where the other.
This morning I got to work on time, got dinner pull out, did a little wash, and water all my greenhouse plants. Look at my tomatoes starting to come up. What are you doing today?

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