Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Weekly goals for April 1-7, 2013

This week is a busy week. Cass has a school event hour away from home, then I have my sister in law and nephew's Birthday Parties.

Weekly Goals 
1. Make dinner at home all week- I hoping to be able to stick to my menu and not eat out. It is going to be hard, because 4 nights this week I won't be home at dinner time.
2. Write and stick to Weekly Garden Goals, Weekly Personal Goals, and Weekly Menu
3. Read 7 chapters of All New Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholmew - Hubby found this book at Dollar General for me. I can't wait to get time to read it!
4. Make Lesson Plan For Letter Qq- I want to make a 7 day lesson plan.
5. Finish 3 Weeks Before My Last Frost- Weekly Goals
6.  Plant- plant cold crop transplants into the garden.
7. Give Garden tour! Maybe even put it on you tube.
8.  Stick to Cleaning Challenge.
9.  Hit the gym 3 times this week- I have to get back to it.
10. Get gifts and celebrate sister in law's and nephew's birthday

My house has a busy week- 2 parties, school event and my long week at work. Here is hope I can get my goals done.

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