Sunday, April 28, 2013

Gardening - Planting The Left Side of The Garden Fence

Today is 4/23 I am planning my left side of my garden. I already have 3 blueberry plants planted from last year.

List of seeds I want to plant

How do I plan my garden? Well I'm super spoiled by my hubby, whenever I say I want a seed. It comes. (He loves it because they are only a few dollars. I love the surprise they make me feel special. ) I have all the seeds in two boxes.

First thing I do is make a list of the seeds I have and where I want to plant them. That took 2 days!

My Row f Beans and I want to plant Kale in between

Then I look up companion plants to the plants I'm planting. In this side of garden I'm planting beans. I research companion plant to beans and found a long list on and pick kale to plant with my beans. This works out great because I want sure where I was going to plant the kale! I am so happy. Then I lay out the seeds. So I can see what I'm planting.

The pink are Pink Lemonade blueberries and blue are my blueberry bushes then I want to plant Rasberry Lemnade Zinna in between

After that I lay out the outside of the left side of the fence. This is a little easier because I have berries planted on the fence. I have 3 regular blueberry bushes and I bought 2 pink lemonade blueberry bushes to plant. In between the bushes I'm plant on planting Raspberry lemonade zinnia plants. I am planting them for 2 reasons. One is they are awesome cutting flowers and I saved the seeds so they should grow awesome this year. The second reason is to bring helpful bugs into the garden.

All my seeds together

Then I look at them together. I get so excited. I plan on planting this weekend, I bagged them up so they are ready for me to plant this weekend!

How do you get ready to plant you garden?

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