Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Reading- Book Review on 101 Organic Gardening Tips

101 Organic Gardening Tips
101 Organic Gardening Tips [Kindle Edition]

I download this book a few months ago for free on amazon.com (follow me on Facebook at PaGardens to see the garden books, I find free). I just finished reading it today. This book is worth the $10 and I would have bought it for that price! I bought it on Kindle. My book is full of highlighted useful information, for me to reference back to though out the garden year.

The book is written very well and is help full for every type of gardener. It is descriptive for new gardener, and filled with so much information that something can help the oldest gardener.

I love how there are 101 tips and they are explain in at least 2 paragraphs. Each tip is number and explain very well.

I want to thank Mrs. Richerson for all her helpful insides to garden.

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