Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Gardening- Awesome Walmart finds

Yesterday, after my half day of work. Cass and I head to Walmart my girlfriend told me about tree that where only $10. I had to stop and see. (Ok I know you think I'm crazy I just order like 17 trees, but I ask hubby and we agree I could get a couple more)

3 trees over 6ft high and budding

These tree where a wonderful deal. They are about 6ft tall. They are starting to bud. They were last year trees but it looks like Walmart took good care of them.

I got 2 plum trees

I got 2 plum trees. I don't have any plum trees anywhere in all my tree buys. Hhhmmm where are we going to plant them?

1 pear tree

I got 1 more pear tree. I couldn't pass it up. Hubby said we can fit two where we are going to plant them so I'm good!

3 bags of Organic fertilizer

I also found 40lbs bag of organic fertilizer for $1.49. I was so excited! I grabbed 3 bags. I'm hoping to get my cherry bushes planted this weekend. This will help feed my new bushes for the summer!

Have you found any awesome deals? Lwt me know!

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