Saturday, March 29, 2014

Kids Korner ~ Lesson Plan for Letter Uu

This week is letter Uu. I still planned something for Monday with the letter Tt. We are going to see a mail Truck on Monday.

Art Project

Monday ~ Make umbrellas
Tuesday ~ Color the letter U picture Thank to Printable for Kids for the coloring page  
Wednesday ~ We will talk about the Universe and how we need a rock to see it (little man into rockets) and make a rocket. Thank to Klein Design for the idea!
Thursday ~ we will do under the sea and make picture of what we would see under the sea.

Fun Letter Uu activates
  • Making a tent out of the table and playing Under the table
  • Using the Water table and playing Under the sea
  • Playing with Umbrellas outside
Other fun things this week
  • Meet a Mailman and check out their truck
  • Take Walks outside ~ weather is going to be warmer
  • Play outside
This weeks videos to help with the letter Uu are

We are going to have a fun week. What are your little ones learning about?

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