Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wedding Wednesday- My Mom's Wedding dress

Look at the dress on my Mom I can't wait to wear it!!
          I am so lucky. My Aunt has taking amazing care of her wedding dress and it the one her and my mother got married in. I can remember being little and hang out with her and her showing me the dress and saying I can get married in it. I have deside that I want to. The women that got married in the dress bought have great marriages that have lasted over 30+ years!
I don't think there is anything I want more then to wear the dress my mom married my dad in. Plus it's the same dress my Aunt married my Uncle in. I look at my parent's and my Aunt marriage, the good,  the bad, and the great and see they made it. 
         I have some weight to lose to get into it. (Okay a lot of weight 40lbs, but I have a over a year to work on it) That's what I get for wanting to wear a dress at 30 that someone else wore at 21. 
         I can't wait until the day I walk down the i'll man I want to spend the rest my life with! 367 more days until Our Big Day!!! 

My Mom and her parents on her wedding day! Look at the trail!!! So pretty

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