Thursday, March 6, 2014

Working it off Thursday

I have found a workout program that has been working for me. I am doing great! I have lost 6.6lbs. I feel great and my jeans are lose! I'm so happy.

Wohoo I have lost 6.6lbs so far!!

What am I doing? I'm logging what I eat everyday. Yes, it may tae a couple of minutes, but it is so easy with the Lose App. I just scan what I'm eating and it comes up. It is a free download too! Which makes it prefect for me. There are challenges, badges and even a place to make friends! I love it.

I have also been eating soup for lunch everyday. It has helped so much, because I'm saving 150-200 calories a day. I'm like the commercial, I'm one the chicken noddle diet, but some times it is Wedding Soup diet.

 The other thing is drinking water. I now you are told to drink a lot of water when you are losing weight. I personal only thought that was to help you when you workout. Well was I wrong, I drink 8-10 cups a water a day, and I'm not as hungry as I normal would be. It is so nice.

The last thing is going to the gym! Hubby and I have gotten to the gym 3 times a week. It is so nice, to get that time together. He is like my personal trainer (all that military can help somewhere). I have to remind myself the sore is a good feeling the next day. That is the hardest part!

I'm excited to see it coming off and yes I have had a set back over the weekend and did my binge eating this weekend. Hubby business plans went down the drain and it was because I wasn't ok with being a sheep. Man that pie was good. But my friend was right and I got out of the mood, went to the gym and back on track. How are you doing with your workout goals?

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