Monday, March 24, 2014

Why I believe

I get asked this all the time, how can you believe in God with all the bad in the World? How can you believe in God when things go wrong? You can't see him he not real.

I believe that he is.. It is my personal opinion, and one that I will stand by. I won't tell you your wrong, but don't tell me I am. We go to a LDS Church and love it. I love the community at the church and the people. It is welcoming and great. But I' not writing this post about that.

Thursday, we got a shut off notice from Peco. I couldn't understand it, I was behind by a lot, but making payments (our bills were $500 Jan, $700 Feb., and $600 Mar, they were high because we are using space heater, because we ran out of wood. Super cold winter in Pa this year and we went though 5 cords of wood instead of our normal 2 1/2 cords). I called them and they said that we should send in our information. Then I called back on Friday to see what they wanted. Well I got told they won't do a payment plan with us, because 3 years ago we had one. To call this number and maybe we could get help. I called that number and 8 more other numbers, either they didn't have funding or we make to much. I got so upset and lost it. We are still paying off the well that went. Their is nothing I can do. I don't have the extra $368, what am I going to do. I lost it and start to cry, in 8 day our Power was going off and I can't fix it at all. Hubby grabbed out his gun, and took it to the gun store and tried to sell it (against my wishes, every time we are in trouble he has to sell his stuff) He couldn't sell it, the store won't buy it. Ok we were really out of ideas, and I stop and said at this point I don't know what to do. I don't think I can fix this. I prayed to God and said I don't know what to do not know what to do and who to fix this situation.

Here the part that I loved, I spend 4 hours stressing. I stopped and went to do the dishes. I had someone in y head talking, (yes I know that sounds crazy) It told me; I have gas for the next 2 weeks which I have $100 check coming for gas (because of couponing). I have a well payment planed for this month, which is more than what is need $250. Then I have my saving for my garden $27. That's what I need. I didn't think about it, someone made me think about it.

I thanked God for the help and told hubby. I'm so excited! We figured it out!

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