Friday, March 14, 2014

Daily goals- Friday, March 15, 2014

This morning took off lazy day. I really didn't want to go to bed, but I did get up and feed everybody and make breakfast. Then played on my phone for a bit. Now I'm drinking my coffee and getting a move on the day. Today is going to be a gardening day. I have so many seeds to start to plant inside. It's still to could to plant outside, we might get snow on Moday.

See even the cat being lazy, while I'm getting my seeds ready for planting  
Today's Goals
1.  Gardening - Write weekly gardening goals, we are on 8 weeks until our last frost. It sounds so crazy because it's still cold out, but I will end soon. I can't find my gardening book, I'm so lost without it. Which is part of the reasons I haven't kept up weekly goals. I'm am going to go back to the blog read Gardening~ 8 weeks before my last frost - Weekly Goals  help make my list for the up coming week.
2 Gardening - plant seeds. I have so many seeds to plant an caugh up on. I will spend most likely an hour or to doing it. 
3. Pets- clean cages. I have to clean the two rabbit cage, yes I said two our white bunny is prego. We had to separate them, because the male will eat the babies. Also want to clean out the chicken coop.
4. Warm the house- Today, I'm going to try to run the fire for most of the day. It is so cold here. I can't believe they are calling for more snow.  
5. Fix our blanket- we have a feather blanket (I got 3 for free), and I love them. Honestly if you warm you house with a wood stove these blankets are prefect. They keep you so warm and you don't feel the drop until you have to get out of bed. The only issue we have with them is the fact that the dog jumps on the bed and the blanket rips. Then there are feathers everywhere. Today I'm going to sew it back together.

What are you you doing today?

Yep, Skippers being a bumb too

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