Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 Yearly Goals

     I love to have goals. It might sound crazy but knowing what you plan on doing helps me plan for the future. I love checking off my list and feeling like a got something done. I also love to write what I see my life burning and go for it. 

2015 Yearly Goals 

  • Get married. This year is the year Hubby and I say I do!! I can't wait. I will be marrying my best friend. 
  • Once a week do a nice thing for each member of the family. The goal is to make them smile or make their day just a little better. I think this is very important to remind your family how important they are to you. 
  • Do a monthly project together. I want us to learn to work together better. Each month a family member will come up with a project and we will work together to make it.  
  • After the wedding, I want us to take a weekend away once a month. This will give us time as a family to work together and get along. I also like that it will get us away from the stress of the world and enjoin each other. 
  • Visit with my grandmom once a month. I love spending time with her and ejoying it. 
  • Personal 
  • Stay on THM deit at least 5 days of the week. This diet is healthy and will help me be able to eat and still lose weight. 
  • Work on keeping the house clean. This is the yards thing for me. Not that I like to be dirt but I just hate cleaning. 
  • Read 24 books this year. I love to read. It is very relaxing I want to read 24 new books this year. I want to read at least on educational book and a book for fun each month. 
  • I want to focus more on my blog. Last year I stop blogging toward the end of the year. I hoping to do better this year. 
  • Work on fixing it up. We want to sell in about 5 years and buy our farm. That means we to fix up our property and house so it is sell ready. 
  • Declutter our house. I hoping to find a calendar to help me to declutter the house. 
  • Work on the house binder and sticking to it. 
  • Friends 
  • Start to go to my couponing group. By doing this I will stay active in the church community and help them save money. 
  • Start going to book club. I love reading and talking to people that read and join it will help us grow closer to new people. 
  • Have a monthly picnic. This is going to be a fun time with friends and family. I want to be close to our family and friends. 
  • Do one Godly act for a friend. It is nice just to do something nice for a friend.
  • Church
  • Get baptized! I can't wait this year, I will get baptize into the LDS church. 
  • Get more involved into the church community.  I love my church family and I want to get closer to them. 
  • Do one act of kindness once a month around the world. Whether it is donating at the grocery store, or finding a person that needs something. 
  • Chicken - this year I hoping to get some meat birds and raise them as food. 
  • Cat - I want to build her a scratching post. 
  • Bunnies - I want to get 2 more females. I want to have more bunnies. 
  • Bee - this year I want to start my beehive and start to raise them. We now have the hive, so we need to order a few broken peice. 
  • Dog - I want to walk Skipper at least 10 minutes a day and train him for at least 5 minutes a day. 
  • Aquaphonic - this year I want start them. This will be so cool to have in the house.
  • Grow 200 lbs of food - I want to produce enough food to be able to save money on the grocery and donate some. 
  • Keep up on weeding. I lost the garden to weeds last year. I need to do better this year. 
  • Save my own seeds. I want to save over 8 different kinds of seeds. 
  • Make the cold cellar in the basement. 
  • Stay focused on the garden. 
     What are your goals this year? Do you write down a few or a lot? If you blog and have your goals writen down, please post them on here. I would love to read about them. 

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