Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Cooking - Kefir

     My mom tells me always find a way to try new things that she's never heard of. That some of the stuff I do it's just so out there. I just kind a laugh at her and tell her that she doesn't understand it all. That our life goal is to be as healthy as possible and to be able to support ourselves if something bad would happen. Ready to hear the new out there idea??? It's making my own Kefir!

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     What's Kefir? That was my first question to I've heard a little bit about it through my THM lifestyle. I have heard a little bit about it and how healthy it supposed to be for you. To be perfectly honest the thought of leaving milk out and having bacteria in it was gross. I had this feeling inside me that I need to be making this and using it in my household. So I decided to research it. I was amazed by the things that I have found.

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     Trim Healthy Mama only touch base that kefir is more powerful than yogurt at healing the inner ecology of the body.  Livestrong.com said it tasted like yogurt it was a healthy add to anybody's body. That by drinking Kefir was a way to add protein vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin K, vitamin B-12 and calcium into a diet. They also explained that it had six different healthy bacteria is in it that you can't get from eating or drinking anything else. They also stated that it helped that they digestive system and to prevent bad bacteria growth. 
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     I read on the HuffPost help that it had Tryptophan and it in that helps you feel relaxed.  The site that I found most interesting was the Dr. Axe website. This site so that there are seven benefits to the body by just drinking Kefir. 

The Benefits Where
  • Boost immunity system
  • Heal inflammatory bowel disease
  • Build bone density
  • Fight allergies
  • Improve lactose intolerant 
  • Kills Candida disease
  • Support detoxification 
He also states that the micobriota cocktail in kefir can fight cancer, help preserve healthy genetic expression, and has a strong anti-inflammatory property that could help in preventing asthma. 
     Wow all that in a drink I can make??? I'm trying to figure our why we have had kefir in our life already. What a great way to add this powerful drink my protein shakes. I can switch out almond milk for kefir. That's one less thing that we have to buy weekly.  I talked to Hubby about everything and talked about the benefits that would be for homesteading prep (more about that another post) and we decided that we would research the price to kefir grain. Amazon has them for less than $6 with shipping. Now they're on our way to our house. 

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