Friday, January 2, 2015

Mom to Mom - My child is become more like me

     Being a mom is a hard thing. It is one of the best thing in the world too. I love being a mom and would never change it for anything in the world. I love watching her grow up. I always wonder what she will take in from what hubby and I are teaching her. 

     This Christmas was a huge eye opener on what we are teaching her. I went shopping for her gifts. Wow it was like shopping for myself without me getting a thing. I when to the book store to get her a new a build you own classic book. Then when to the tea store to buy her some new tea. She love both those gift. The next day she sat down with a cup of her Caramel Chi tea and here new book. 

     Watching her grow into an amazing young women is something I know I'm lucky to do. I also so glad I get to show her how to be an adult.  I am so happy she is picking up the amazing trades that I want her to learn. The day she builds a gardening and harvest and preserves her own food I will be though the roof. I will take what I can get and keep teaching her how to take care of herself. 

     When you look at your little ones do you see them turn in to yourself? Do you enjoy knowing what you are teaching them is sinking in? 

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