Friday, January 2, 2015

Gardening - 19 Weeks Before Last Frost (2015)- Weekly Gardening Goals

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     Time to start getting the gardening ready for the spring! I am a weekend gardener so I have to make a list and stick with it. This is very important because the gardening can get super busy very quickly. So having goals and a list helps me stick to my goal. I follow my garden journal and my Week-by-Week Vegetable Gardener’s Handbook. By following these to things it will help me stay on track to complete My 2015 Yearly Gardening Goals

Weekly Goals
  1.  Organize my flower seeds - I have a huge container filled with edible flower and non-edible seeds. I also want to organize the seeds buy when to plant. 
  2. Inventory my pots - I am hoping this year will be my best year ever, which means I need to get my pots organized and cleaned. I want to start to organize them. 
  3. Inventory my seeds - I want to go though my flower seeds and write what seeds I have when to plant and if they are edible or not. I also would like to do the same with my herbs. 
  4. Start to plan out my garden for 2015 - I have what I want my gardens to look like in my head. Now I just want to get it down on paper. 
  5. Organize my herb seeds - I want to go though my herb container and start to organize them on when to plant. 
     How do you get ready for your garden ready? Are you a list maker? If so what's on your list?

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