Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Daily Goals ~ Tuesday, Jauary 6th, 2015

      I think it is harder to get out of bed on Tuesdays instead of Monday. I am more excited on Mondays. Well once I final rolled out of bed and start to move I was on a roll. I got the fire going, pets feed, the dog walked and finally sitting down to my coffee. It was a quick walk today because it is snowing.

Today's Goals
  1. Work ~ I work today from 8am-6pm. I have the two boys most the day and y little girl after school.
  2. Personal ~ Write weekly Goals, I want to organize my life more these goals will help.
  3. Cooking ~ Write my recipe for my kefir water. I final found away to make it that they family likes. Even hubby drank some. I just have to get him over that it was alive.
  4. Gardening ~ Start to plan out my garden for 2015. I will use my iPad app to plan it.
  5. Workout ~ Today is the pink video. I can't wait to get it in. Oh and wait until Thursday, I have something new I'm using to workout and love it.
Yesterday's Goals
  1. Work ~ Today I work from 8am-6pm. I can't wait to see the little one and spend sometime with them. I had an amazing day back! I love watching my little man just play and talk to himself. It is the cutest thing in the world. My little girl and I had a dance party after dinner. I missed them so much.
  2. Cooking ~ Make menu and stick to it. This is a year with only eating out once a month and we have already ate out because of my nieces birthday. - The menu is made, look for it this afternoon.
  3. Gardening ~ Start to organize my seeds. I want to start with the herbs because they get planted 1st. I can't wait to get into the garden. My herbs are organized and ready for me to plant! I can't wait, next week I start to plant some!
  4. Cleaning ~ Stick to the cleaning schedule. Today is kitchen, and it need the TLC. I hope I have the energy to work on it after work. ~ I am going to say yes I got this done. Even though it wasn't done prefect. I still came hoe and cleaned after work!
  5. Workout ~ Today start the official start of my new years goals. I would like to lose another 20lbs this year. Then I would be back at a healthy weight for my little body type. It will be easier now that the holiday season is over. I got my workout in yesterday! It felt great to get it in!
What are your goals for today? How did you do yesterday?

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