Friday, January 2, 2015

Gardening - Hollyhock Information

     I have seen these flowers around my home area and though they were pretty. I never grew them because I didn't know their value. These flowers are very useful in a homesteaders garden.

     They reason they are so valueable is because they have medical purpose and help bring good bugs into the garden. These to things will help us a lot on our homestead. 

Thank you for the picture
     I also love all the colors these flower come in. They can fit in almost garden because they come in so many colors. I did find a seed packet that has a mix of colors for infount of the house. I also order black ones for the side of the yard garden. I can't wait to see these flowers grow. 

Are you planting Hollyhocks in your garden? Any tips for me on how to grow them? 

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