Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Gardening -19 Weeks Before the Last Frost (2015) - Organizing Herb Seeds

It looks so much better
     I am so blessed to have so many seeds. My amazing hubby is always supporting me by buying me seeds. Having so many seeds and so many ideas for the garden. I have to get organize. I'm going to try a different way of organizing my seeds. I'm going to organize them buy when to plant them. This will make it easier to plant my seeds.

Baggie, book and seeds
To do this I need 5 things
  1. Paper - to write the seeds that I have down the seeds I have and what baggie I put them in. 
  2. Sandwich zip bags - they will hold the seeds and keep them save and together. 
  3. Sharpie - that way I can write on the baggie what week to plant 
  4. My gardening book - it helps me know when to plant my seeds. 
  5. My iPad - that way if I need to see when to plant a seed, I can look it up. 

It is organized
    Now I have to go through all my seeds. It took about 2 hours but it was so worth it! How do you organize your seeds? 

Here is what is going on for 19 weeks Before last frost
Gardening - 19 Weeks Before Last Frost (2015)- Weekly Gardening Goals

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