Friday, January 2, 2015

Book Review - Citizen Farmer

     I read the Citizen Farmers: The Biodynamic Way to Grow Healthy Food, Build Thriving Communities, and Give Back to the Earth book by Daron Joffe this week. I really enjoyed this book. I love how it started. They way it shows you one little act can lead to something big. I also enjoyed the author's lessons on how to garden. Below is his list, he goes into major details of each one. I love this list and the fact that everything on it is a way to give back. 

1. Make compost a way of life
2. Start/take part in a garden
3. Give back
4. Teach the next generation to appreciate where their food comes from. 
5. Have a sustainable plan for the future. 

      I really enjoyed this book. There was one thing, I was a little confused about were the pictures of the garden map and photos. I couldn't tell if they were Joffe's garden or some else's gardens. I would recommend this book to anyone. It was a great book with a lot of useful information in it. 

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