Thursday, March 31, 2016

Daily Goals - Thursday, March 31, 2016

Skip wait for me
     Good morning, Skips not thinking it's such a good morning. He is patiently waiting for his walk, as I take his picture he's not too happy about it. He was happy though that his walk last in a little bit longer as we checked out our fruit trees. 

Today's Goals
  1. Workout - I want to my new workout video 'hip-hop abs' with ShawnT. I am so excited hubby ordered this for me! 
  2. Pets - I want to call the local nursery and order six baby chicks and three Cornish hens. My little one and I went through the chickens to pick out the breedsthat we like and think are really cute. She also wanted to try to raise Cornish hens. 
  3. Work - I work today and have all three of my boys. They are going to be so happy that the weather supposed to be nice. 
  4. Cooking - I need to stay on my THM diet plan today. I have been stressed and cheating. Even though it helps in the moment to feel better. It really isn't helping me. 
  5. Cooking - I want to make a menu for next week. Not having a menu this week sucks. 
What went on in my world yesterday. 
Yesterday's Goals
  1. Workout - I want to do one of my workout videos today. - I did my 'Slim in 6' video. 
  2. Work - I work today for 8am-6pm. It should be an easy day though I only have little man. - We had a great day!
  3. Personal - get a hair cut. I need to take a couple inches off. - I took off 3 inches. My head feels lighter. 
  1. Gardening - plant scallions. - I did this hope to tell you how today. 
  2. Gardening - move plants around to make sure ants don't make a home in them. - No ants in the garden so far. 
What are your goals for today? What are you doing in the garden? Let me know. 

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