Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Gardening - seed tape - carrots and radishes

My seed tape gardening
     On Monday, I worked on planting my cold crops. I took some time and planted my seed tape. This looked so easy because it was. Hubby and I prepared the box with composted horse manure and tilling it in.

Radishes planted and watered
     I put the seed tape down. This was tricky part and if it doesn't work it's my fault. The directions state to dig a hole and plant the seeds and then cover with dirt. I didn't do this because the seeds are already cover and you really don't cover these seeds for them to grow.

Prepared soil, added tape, cover
     I decided to try to lay the tape out and cover it with a little dirt. Then I watered it so it had more dirt on it. I did then cover it with  window screens that we had. This will help it not blow away and keep birds and other animals out.

Carrot seed tape planted and watered
      Have you ever used the seed tape? How has it worked for you? Any tips for me. Please let me know. 

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