Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Daily Goals - Tuesday, March 29, 2016

My pea plants with stood the winds

     Good morning! Back to work after 5 days off, but that okay I miss my little ones. Today, I won't get a lot done in the garden but I will get a little done. I did check on my pea plants this morning, it was super windy last night but they all are still there and not blow over. 

Today's Goals
  1. Workout - I want to do one of my workout videos today. 
  2. Work - I work from 8am-6pm. 
  3. Pets - I want to spend sometime with the bunnies and chicken, give the ducklings a bath and change their cage bedding and walk the dog. 
  4. Gardening - I want to water all my plants and move them around. Therefore Ants don't try to make a home in them. 
  5. Gardening - I need to set up the table so I can move some of the plants outside. During the day tomorrow. 

My day yesterday 

Yesterday's Goals 
  1. Cleaning- I need to clean up our house bit is a mess. One day I won't be saying that but not today. - I did get the house cleaned up, not prefect but a lot better. 
  2. Workout- I want to do on of my T25 workouts. I will have the time. - I didn't get to this. I got lost in the garden. 
  3. Pets- I would like to walk the dog. Let the ducklings play in the yard and then take a swim in the tub. Let the rabbits out to play in the yard too. Now I really need another track. I also need to order our new chicks and I'm so excited about that. - I played with the animals in the yard and Skip was out most the day but I didn't take home for a walk. 
  4. Gardening- I would like to plant my peas in the garden box 3 and plant my carrots, and radish in garden box two!! - I planted them! I'm so excited. 
  5. Gardening- I would also love to plant my seeds today in the green house. So many things to plant. - I planted 75 sunflower seeds and 75 poppie seeds. I also watered everything. 
What are you doing today? Are you spending time in your garden? If so let me know what you are doing. 

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