Thursday, March 31, 2016

Homestead- Ordering my Chick

The chickens I'm ordering. 
      Today, I ordered my chickens. We ordered 5 different chick breeds. We decided to get one of each of these breeds Sicillian buttercup, Hamburg Silver Spangle, Hamburg Golden Spangle. Then we decide to order 2 Lankenvelder Silver. 
     My little one want to get Cornish hens so we decide to let her pick out a breed and raise them, but they are her responsibility. She was super excited and picked Cornish dark. 
     We are also going to get baby chicks from my aunt as meat birds. Now we have to get their cages ready and build one of our cages into a tractor cage. 
    Are you ordering chicks this year? If so what kind! (I didn't take pictures of the chickens thank you Poultry Press, Wikipedia, One earth farm, My Pet Chicken, Becuo,  Mrs. Jaredyates,and Padgetts Poultry for your pictures.) 

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