Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Gardening - Strawberries Growing in the Greenhouse

Strawberry plants in the greenhouse
      This morning, while I was moving everything around trying make sure there are no more ants (read more about "Ants I'm so over them). I noticed my strawberry plants are blooming and growing strawberries. 

Strawberry flower blooming
     I'm so excited to see this. One reason is I'm glad I didn't kill them last year; when I pulled them out of the garden area. They were growing all over the place last year and making it hard to till. Plus we were thinking about changing the garden and they would have been in the way. I'm so happy I could save them. 

Strawberry growing
    I am also excited because this might mean that they might produce two times this year because when I plant them in the new bed, it will be like spring again. We will see about that idea. Right now I will enjoy them growing in the greenhouse where no birds can eat them. 
     Have you ever grown strawberries in the greenhouse? Do you have any tips for me? 

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