Monday, March 28, 2016

Gardening - Ants! I'm so over them

My sunflower seeds dug out of the pot and ant having the seeds. 
    I have a love hate relationship with ant. I want to love them but they give me so many reasons to hate them! Two years ago I had so many ants everywhere. I had 3 types in my gardening beds. Last year, I had them on my sunflowers and killing them because they were farming the aphids. What are the doing this year? They are digging you my seeds and eating them.

I couldn't figure out what would dig out the seeds. 
     Okay, I understand that sounds crazy. If I didn't see it with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe it. On Monday, I went into the green house an saw my sunflowers where dug up and eaten. Okay 1st othough mouse, but no mouse poop. Also they didn't eat the seeds that were in the packet. That didn't make sense. Then maybe my chicken, they were the lower seeds. But she would have been stuck in the green house and would have eating the seedlings.

Ant with my seeds! 
     The ants would go into my pots dig up the sunflower seeds (and other seeds) and then eat them. I found the left over sunflower seeds in their ant home under my mum pots. 

     How would you try to get rid of the ants? I tried cinnamon powder, nope they were right at home with it. I was told maybe garlic so I will be trying that. What are some ideas you have. 

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