Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Gardening- Planting Pea plants in the garden box

Transplanted pea seedling
     Yesterday, I final got some garden time. I decide to start planting my pea plants outside. I am hoping to plant 259 pea plant outside for a spring harvest. I am hoping to get enough peas to can them for our food storage over the winter.

Pea seedlings in the greenhouse
    I started 1/2 my pea plants in the green house. I waited until a few really leaves were on the pea plant before getting them ready to transplant.  I did plant the other half of the pea seeds in the greenhouse, later in the day. I personal do better with seedlings in the bed instead of seeds. 

Preparing Garden Box 3 
      Before I transplant pea plants, webprepared the garden bed. We put down our composted horse manure to help at nutrition to the garden bed. Then hubby helped me trill the bed. (He is such an amazing guy!) 

My garden plan for garden box 3
    Because I had my awesome garden plant for my gardening app. I knew, I need to plant 8 plants per square foot. That made my life super easy. 
My pea transplants around the cage
    I pulled my seedlings out and laid them out around the tomato cage and homemade thing to for the pea plants to climb on. Then I dug a little hole and put my seedling in it. Then cover it up. 

     I did though have to yell at Houdini to stay away from my new pea plant. She wanted to eat them now. I hope she listened, because she is home alone with them today. 

Watering the pea seedlings 
     The last thing I did was to water them. Now as long as no one eats them. I should have peas to eat this summer and some to save for winter. I can't wait to watch them grow. Are you grow peas this year? Did you plant them in your garden? 

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