Thursday, December 12, 2013

Gardening tips- Gardening App

    I'm not one to promote an app that I do not love. I was sitting on my bed planning my garden. Whhen I said to hubby, looking at my horrible gardening drawing, "He should make an app, that I can plan my gardens my away and add the plants I want. That there has to be many plants not just 100." He told me there was! It is called Garden Plan Pro.

App view in the app store
     This app is awesome. Yes, it is cost, but it has everything. It keeps the base of your garden plan in the app. It reminds you of crop rotations and annual plants, you have in your garden. You can add your seeds and change the information to match you seeds. It also tells you when to plant you seeds. 

My garden layouts!
    If you are really into gardening I would suggest you to download this app I love it!

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