Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Daily goals- Wednesday, May 29, 2013

We didn't hit the gym last night :-( We ended up playing with gumpaste and trying to make Daffodils. 
Daily goals
1. Work- From 8 AM until 1:30 PM
2. Drs. appointment- My little one has a doctors appointment for fractured a wrist. Hopefully everything is okay
3. Birthday party-Today is my dad's birthday. We are having cake and ice cream tonight and I have to drop off Cass school stuff. 
4. Cleaning-I want to clean the living room and put away all the wash
5. Gardening- Work on plan planting my transplants. I feel like I have 100 more transplants to plant! 
I was able to get into the garden this morning! I plan to a more mammoth sunflowers, dill, fennel and sage this morning. 
What do you have planned for the day?


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