Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Gardening- Companion Plant for Tomatoes

My Red Large CherryTomotes Ready to plant

I have read a lot about tomatoes this year. I have planted two types of tomato plants, tomato floradade and red large cherry tomatoes.
I have them separated in two different areas because I want to save the seeds. 
Through all my reading I learned that you can plant carrots with tomatoes.  Also you plant marigolds and basil with them too. 

Tomato planted with carrot seeds around it

I'm going to try the carrots in my pots. I am anything them in there because they don't seem to grow well in my soil. 
In my garden and am going to plant marigold, basil, and tomato in a pattern so they plant can grow better. 
What plants do you grow together?

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