Monday, May 20, 2013

Gardening- Update on Cherry Nasturtiums and Night/Day Nasturtiums

The baby seeding up close

Today is May 20th, which is 10 days after I planted the Nasturtiums. I am please to tell you they have started to sprout.

8 Day and Night Nasturtiums have popped up
My Night and Day Nasturtiums are doing better then the Cherry ones. I am putting them on the table today. They are going to stay there until they get 2 sets of true leaves. I'm so excite to see them grow!

2 Cherrry Nasturtiums, so far
My Cherry Nasturtium only have to growing so far, but the still have 5 days to spout acorrding to the packet. I'm going to keep them in the green house until a few more spout. I feel the green house helps them spout faster and protects them more.

How are you seeds doing?

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