Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gardening - Grapes

This weekend I planted my new grape vine. I had to replace last years bush. I think between the ants trying to make it there home and the tomato plant growing in it. (I learned the hard way they aren't companion plants. Tomato plant is to heavy eater.) The poor grape vine didn't have a chance. 

While reading about companion plants, I read about hypos and grapes. I was very excited that they worked together, because I had trouble growing both last year. (I plant hypos right into the garden bed last year, and nothing grew) this year I planted my hypos in the green house and decide to give it a try. They both are grow that's a plus. 

I haven't gotten a grapes off the plant that I can eat yet. But I love watching it grow. I am not trimming it like you would for only fruit producing because I want it to grow up to the top. It's getting there. 
Are you planting grapes? 

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