Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Gardening - Planting Viola

My Viola Seeds

I was so happy to see this seeds in Lowes! I wanted more edible plants. I started to plant this on May 10th.

Love this company

I love this seed company they tell you how to use the seeds. I decide I want to plant some in pots to go under the bench on the deck. Then I planted so in a container to put around the garden in empty spots. They are going to be my filler plants.

These seed are tiny

As always, I check my seeds and take a picture so I have a reference. Then all look good. These seeds I only sprinkled over the dirt and watered. I didn't cover them.

2 pots and 2 containers planted

That it done with them and they are ready for the green house. I can't wait to see when they spout and then have them in the garden.
How's your gardening coming?

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