Saturday, August 17, 2013

Daily goals ~ Satuday, August 17th, 2013

You didn't hear from my yesterday. I went shopping. I scored awesome giant deals, I got juice boxes free after gas points and I paying $1 for 10 yogurts after store sale and coupon. I have been making out great! I'm going to head to the church and donate some of the stuff we got.

Today's Goals
1. Church ~ Stop and drop off stuff
2.Couponing ~ Hubby and I are going to head to the store one last time to get yogurt at 10 for $1. I can't beat that price and because Cass and I love having yogurt daily I want to stock up.
3. Gardening~ Hubby said I can plant peas up the lattice in front of the house. I want to get the peas planted. I would love to work on the lattice next week.
4. Gardening ~ plant winter wheat, in garden box one. It will be my Green Compost, before I plant my fall harvest.
5. Gardening~ Harvest my onions

I have knocked out a lot already this morning. I have started was, wrote letter to Bishop, paid bills. on time to have fun!

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