Thursday, August 15, 2013

Gardening - Green compost

My Winter Rye 5lbs -$2.50
I have been reading a lot about Green Compost. First question, I  had was what is green compost? Green Compost is plants that you go after you havest in your garden. You plant them to add more nutrients into soil. Yoy can plant it and then pull it and mix it in the soil.
Second question,why do I need it? I use regular compost and rotate my crops. More I read more and more about it. This is away to boost your soil before you plant the next crop in it. This sound very helpful for fall crops. Plus it only take 3 week and then you can turn it and plant new plants. 
Here is what I'm going to do in my garden. I bough winter rye. I'm going to plant it in my garden bed. Then plant the new seedling in transplant pots. After three weeks, I'm to add fresh compost and turns he green compost in the box. That way everything is mix up and ready for the new transplant! 

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