Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Workout - P90x Challenge

After last night, I decided I needed to lose weight. The reason being I found a pair capris, that I bought last year and they didn't fit. I know that I'm gaining weight and I want to start to get back into shape. With three weddings coming up, mine, my best friend, and my little brothers in being in all them. I want to be the in the best shape that I possibly can. 
I decided that I want to start P90X program tonight. This should give me a chance to get home, eat dinner,do some gardening or cleaning, and then have time to work out. Now I know you're thinking working out at night is not always the best idea that, but there is no way I can get up an hour earlier to work out in the morning. I am not going to stick with the meal plan because I cook for not only my family but also my bosses. But I'm going to look it over and see if there some recipes that I can use. 
I'm going to try this by taking a Weekly picture,a weekly measurement, weighing myself weekly. I am also going to make a daily journal of my exercise for the week and how it's making me feel and if I feel better or worse. Then you guys will see my weekly progress once a week. 
I am hoping to have the first weeks progress posted by Saturday. Please feel free to join me on this journey!

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