Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cleaning- Morning Cleaning Schedule

Being a working mom and a nanny makes my house work suffer at home. I work and clean all day at work, Therefore when I come home I don't want to do anymore. To be truly honest, I just want to go home and crash after working 10 hours and driving two hours I'm just beat.  

I started to pray and figure out what to do with my home life because it is so crazy, messy, and unorganized. It is driving me nuts. I had to be honest, I need help to keep the house clean. Then had to think, I get home at 7-7:20 and we eat dinner around 7:30pm. At 8pm how much time will I be able to give and ask my family to help me with? I decide I would ask for 30 minutes. 

Now thinking wash takes 60 minutes, that isn't going to work. I also decided that in the morning, I could give  up 30 minutes to clean up too. 

Here is my new morning cleaning routine
 5:30am - Hang up the laundry outside, throw wash that was on the line into the dryer to fluffy, new wash in the washer.
5:40am - wash morning dishes and any late night dishes put away yesterday's dishes
5:50am - wipe down sink, counter, and set table for dinner
5:50am - make our bed

Doing chores in the morning will give me time at night to focus on one room to clean. This routine also give me time before I have to leave to feed the pets, walk the dog, blog and eat breakfast, before work.

What do you do in the morning?

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