Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Daily Goals- Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My poor Zucchini plant 
I had trouble getting up this morning. I was so sleepy! It didn't get to do my normal routine. I did get a chance to get in the garden. I'm so sad, I harvest my last zucchini today. 
Today's Goals 
1. Work - I work from 8am - 6pm. Today should be fun, we have art class and having a picnic at the mall. 
2. Gardening - check my zucchini, see if I have a vine borer in it. 
3. Gardening plant broccoli in little pots as transplants. I read the might grow better that way. I think they might be right because then I don't have to over water the other plants. To keep them wet until the sprout true leaves. 
4. Workout- I started the P90x, today is cardio. 
5. Cleaning- clean our room. 
Yesterday's Goals
1. Work- I work from 8am-6pm. - we had a great day and got outside. It was so nice out!
2.     Gardening ~ research what could be killing my squash. I’m thinking it the ants! UGH I do not like them at all. They won’t go away. - there are a few diffent things that could be effecting my plant. To much water - I haven't even water it more then twice this year. Bugs - squash bugs, vine borers, ants, or cucumber beetles. Time to check it out.  

3.     Gardening ~ research what I can give my tomato plant, it is tuning yellow. - I didn't get to it.

4. Workout- I am going to do light yoga today. It is time to work on getting my body in shape. - I decide to do p90x. Check out my challenge at Workout - P90x Challenge

5. Write my weekly goals and post them. - Having goal help me feel like I didn't get anything done this week. - you can check out my weekly goals at  Weekly Goals - August 6-12, 2013
Well my zucchini shot. I do have watermelon starting to grow and pumpkins. How did your goals turn out yesterday?

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