Thursday, January 23, 2014

Couponing ~ Redner's Deal of the week

This week Redner's has an amazing deal on yogurt and shredded cheese!
My 1st Redner's Trip

If you buy five yogurts and use one newspaper coupon and one printed coupon from, then use the stores yogurt coupon and Kraft cheese coupon. Your total will be $4. 

This deal works out wonderful for me because my little one has yogurt every day with her lunch and cheese is always necessity for casseroles or taco salads so it's a great thing to stock up on! 
Both items can be put in the freezer and will last about three months! I am going to do this whole deal three times that way I have 15 yogurts and 15 packs of cheese in my freezer. 
After that I'm going to do the yogurt deal another two times. The yogurt is a money maker. So I will be adding produce to my transaction, to use that last dollar. 
Hopefully before the sale is over I will have about 25 to 30 yogurts, 15 packs of cheese, four apples, and two peppers. For $12!! 
You can check out this site to get more details on where to get the right coupons for the cheese  and yogurt

Are you shopping at Redner's today? What are the deals that you're looking at getting?

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