Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Daily goals- Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Good morning it is super chilly this morning here, when I woke up it was 6° outside. It was hard to dad about this morning but I did and I got all my morning chores done. Hubby said he would check on the chickens a few times throughout the day to make sure that they have water that isn't  frozen over.

Today's goals
  1.  Work ~ I work from 8 AM until 6 PM. Today were going to be stuck inside all day temperatures not supposed to get higher than 12° F. 
  2. Reading ~ I found a new herb book called,  "A Pocket Guide to Herbs". I can't wait to start the book,  this is going to help me a lot with my 2014 Yearly Goals. I will be working towards two goals at once. 
  3. Weekly goals- write my weekly goals for this week
  4. Cooking - today I'm going to try a new recipe, it is called Toasted Garlic and Sweet Pea Pasta, by Rachael Ray. I am hoping my hubby will like this recipe we are adding chicken to it to make a good dinner recipe! 
  5. Gardening - take out my herbs that I'm going to put it inside, I didn't get to this yesterday.
Yesterday's goals
  1. Work~ I work from 8am-6pm. This will be my first full week back to working in about a month. I hope the kids take it easy on me. ~ I love to be back to work this week! I miss my little one so much! 
  2. Couponing~ This week, I'm getting back into couponing. It is going to be hard this month money wise. Therefore I need to save penny, I can. ~ I got to my coupon inserted cut yesterday there were five inserts altogether in Sunday's paper! It was a great need to start back on couponing.
  3. Workout~ Today I'm  going to work on getting back on track of Workout Goals- the Week of January 2nd ~ 9th, 2014. ~ I got yesterday's workout done. 50 push ups, yesterday! 
  4. Cleaning ~ I want to work on picking up the office. This is the only room in the house that is a huge mess. It is time to start to organize it. ~ I didn't get to is. I was so sleepy yesterday.
  5. Gardening~ I'm going to work on my Gardening ~ 28 Weeks After my last frost ~Weekly Goals by picking out my seeds. ~ I didn't get to this, I ran out of time during nap-time. 
I had such a busy day planned and so tired. This will be my last week the coffee so worried about not having it next week. Hopefully the green tea will help me stay awake! What do you have planned for the day?

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