Friday, January 3, 2014

Gardening ~ 28 Weeks After my last frost ~Weekly Goals

My book
Week-by-Week Vegetable Gardener’s Handbook, is how I manage my many gardening. I have so much going on in my gardening plans, but never remember or know when without this book. I have told so many of my friend to buy the book. They love it too.

Weekly Goals

  1.   Sow some culinary herbs - I will sow basil, mint, parsley and chives. This week. I will be able to use them thoughout the season, then plant them outside in herb garden.
  2.  Cleaning - I have so many started pots to clean. I like to start most of my plants inside. That way my growing season is longer. This is imporant for my area! So I have many pots to clean. I want to clean at least enought starters to start 140 plants. 
  3.  Research wheat plants and how to have them growing. This will be my first year growing wheat so I want to have as much information, on wheat as I can. 
  4.  Order seeds - This year I'm ordering a lot of seeds from Braker Seed Company. They are Non-GMO organic heirloom seeds.  I'm doing this so I can start to save seeds and get a better seed for my area. I'm so excite to save my seeds, it will save me so much money.

What are you doing in your garden? 

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