Thursday, January 2, 2014

Workout Goals- the Week of January 2nd ~ 9th, 2014

Oh my Goodness, I'm back up to 160! How do I keep doing this? I have a year to lose the weigh, so I can fit into my mother's wedding dress on our wedding date. That means I have to stick to the workout plan! I have 40lbs to lose!

Weekly Goals
Thursday - Monthly Workout Challenge  (I have work and won't make it to the gym) 
Friday - Body Works Plus Abs, (I will do a workout video if we get the bilizard they are calling for) and Monthly Workout Challenge
Saturday - Zumba and Monthly Workout Challenge
Sunday - Yoga video and Monthly Workout Challenge
Monday - Monthly Workout Challenge 
Tuesday - Workout with the wii fiitness as a family and Monthly Workout Challenge
Wednesday - Monthly Workout Challenge

I'm also going to do My Monthly Workout Challenge. This will help me focus on one area of the body's month and put it in shape. 

I'm going to use my lose it app, to help me stay on track with what I'm eating. It helps me realize how much junk, I eat and helps me cut back. It also helps me stay on track to lose the weight. 

What are your workout goals this week?

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